Kaise SK-8535 Digital Battery Checker

Kaise SK-8535

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Kaise SK-8535 Digital Battery Checker

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Basic Features:-

  • Quick and accurate tests for the following items;
    • Battery charging level (SOC) *SOC : State of Charge
    • Battery condition (SOH) *SOH : State of Health
    • Engine Start Performance (starting ability)
    • Charging System (generating condition of alternator)
  • Batteries for "charge control vehicle" and "idle reduction vehicles" are testable.
  • Auxiliary battery test for TOYOTA-Hybrids (applicable for S34B20 and S46B24)
  • "Attention" is added to the test result - NEW
  • Unused Battery Test Mode fadded - NEW
  • Carrying case for standard accessories - NEW
  • On-site printing with built-in printer
  • Data memory function and PC connection

kaise sk-8535

kaise sk8535


- Memory function up to 99 testing data

- PC connection by USB cable

- Free software upgrade

(Details are informed in this page when the new software available)

- Handy tester easy to carry out


 Dot matrix display, 128×64dots

 Language (LCD/Printer)

 English / Chinese / Japanese

 Display rate (Voltage)

 1 time/second

 LED Indication

 Green : Lights up when battery test result is "Good"
 Yellow : Lights up when battery needs re-charging
 Red : Lights up when "Bad" and needs replacement / 
 Flashes when "Attention" and low start performance


 Built-in printer

 Battery Cable Length

 Approx.70cm (Clip and bush are not included)

 Power Supply

 Testing battery or USB connection

 Testing Voltage

 8V to 32V DC (Test Battery) / 5V DC (USB Connection)

 Testing Batteries

 12V lead batteries 

 Testing Battery Standards

 ** CCA input, industrial battery selectable

 Testing Battery Range

 100 to 1400 CCA / Industrial Rating : 1.0mΩ to 50.0mΩ

 Measurement Items

 12V battery : 
 Battery Test / Start Performance Test / Charging System Test
 24V battery : 
 Start Performance Test / Charging System Test

 Temperature Coefficient
 for Voltage Measurement

 Accuracy at 23°C±5°C×0.01/°C

 Data Saving

 Up to 99 data to internal memory
 (Onforwarding to PC by USB connection)

 Database Upgrade

 From website by USB connection to PC

 Operating Temperature & Humidity

 -10°C to 50°C, less than 80%RH (in non-condensing)
 ** Printer operating temperature : 0°C to 50°C

 Storage Temperature & Humidity

 -20°C to 60°C, less than 70%RH (in non-condensing)

 Safety Level

 CE marking approved EN61326-1

 Dimensions & Weight

 248(H) × 96(W) × 50(D)mm, approx. 550g


 937 USB Cable, 
 Printer Paper (x2, for testing sample, 1roll attached in the unit)